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Michael Latulippe is passionate about disruptive technologies, public policy, experiential design, and emerging industries.

Michael Latulippe loves disruptive technologies and public policy. His background in the highly regulated cannabis industry and organizing software engineering events on new technologies gives him a very unique perspective. He is currently the CEO of Justness, an Economic Empowerment priority applicant with a pre-certification for operating a licensed cannabis delivery service in the Commonwealth. Michael also works as the Development Director of Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance where he develops materials and public policy that improves the lives medical cannabis patients.


His informed opinions have led to his appointment, for a second term, as the registered qualifying patient advisory board member to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Through the Cannabis Advisory Board Michael has encouraged the adoption of regulatory policy that positively impacts registered qualifying patients and their personal caregivers, public health and safety, businesses, and the meaningful participation of communities and individuals disproportionately impacted by prohibition.



Hidden Talent

Classical Piano


Organizing cool events, disruptive technologies, public policy, experiential design

Bachelor’s Degree

University of Central Florida, Political Science

Cannabis Advisory Board

Second Term, Patient Advisor

Appointment 2017 – 2021

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Michael helps business leaders and disruptors develop the strategy and strength needed to succeed in emerging industries and those existing under strict regulatory frameworks.

Disruptive Technologies

Michael understands regulatory hurdles facing emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles, AI, and Robotics. He is disrupting the paradigm at NoHumans.org.

Cannabis Delivery Reimagined

Michael knows efficiency and cost savings through automation and software is key to developing successful business models like the delivery model he created for Justness.

Cannabis Public Policy

Michael is the appointed patient advisory board member to the Cannabis Control Commission where he develops regulatory policy recommendations.

Social Justice Perspective

At Justness Michael is developing a delivery business model that incorporates social justice and social equity directly into the very fabric of how the brand does business.

Tech Strategy & Consulting

As the Vice President of MJ&CO, Michael strategizes with clients the usage of new technologies to disrupt the cannabis business paradigm and improve efficiency.

Experiential by Design

Michael knows that integration with automation and disruptive technology is paramount in developing memorable consumer experiences in the 2020’s.

Michael has been featured in numerous publications because of his efforts in public policy and regulatory reform.