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Michael Latulippe

My name is Michael Latulippe and I would like to welcome you to my Website. I want to use this space to describe myself in as short a manner as possible. I am a classically trained pianist and enjoy playing Piano as well as listening to a wide range of Classical Music. When I am not enjoying music or piano I enjoy Hiking, Travel getting back in touch with Nature.

My love outside of leisure time is technology. I am an expert in Web usability and Search Engine Optimization and tend to incorporate much of my time dealing with tech related issues. I deal with both PHP and cURL in my line of work. Keeping with the science theme, I am also heavily interested in Astronomy and more specifically SETI.

My personality type according to the Myers-Briggs method is INTJ. Pursuit of Social Justice is something I also enjoy doing. Politics and Economics are both specialities I am versed in as well.

I express some of my views on my Blog where I tend to voice my concerns about the happenings in the tech world. Hope you enjoy viewing my site and learning more about me.

If you need to reach me you can use Twitter. Search for my username michaellatulip and let me know what I can do for you. Below is a general picture I use for myself on the Internet.

Picture of Michael Latulippe